Stress and lack of much needed sleep can definitely leave you with those unwanted bags. Dark circles really do make a difference, in a really bad way. They leave you looking tired, haggard, and much older than you actually are despite picking out a super cute outfit or sporting the latest hairdo.

Sure, makeup can do a pretty good job of covering them up, but why settle for concealer when you can get rid of them naturally with just two ingredients. Sure, sufficient sleep is the ultimate answer, but for those of us who don’t necessarily have that luxury, this sandalwood face pack might just be the next best thing.

Two ingredients to a fresher, younger, more well rested (well rested looking, anyway!) you. Interested? Ingredients and instructions below:

sandalwood face pack

What You Need:

  • 1 tablespoon Sandalwood Powder
  • 2 tablespoons Rose Water

Got extra time? You could get a bottle of organic Rose Water at your local drug store, or you could make it yourself. Again you will only need two ingredients to make this. Simple yet effective, check out our homemade rose water recipe here, along with other tips to use it.

What To Do:

To make your sandalwood face pack, all you have to do is take your sandalwood powder and mix it with your rose water until you have a paste like substance. That’s all there is to it. The next step would be to apply then you are done for the day! It’s that simple.

How To Apply:

You use your sandalwood face pack at the end of a long day right before you go to bed. So, start with your regular routine of washing your face and getting rid of all the makeup, dust, and other unwanted toxins that might be on your face. When done with cleansing, pat dry. Always pat dry.

Next, simply take some of your homemade sandalwood face pack and rub gently on to your dark circles. Let it sit over night and wash off in the morning. Repeat as necessary.

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