A delicious little DIY treat that you can whip up, quite literally, in your kitchen is homemade Whipped Body Butter. It smells and feels as yummy as it sounds. So good, you’d wanna eat it- (though you probably shouldn’t!).

Simple and scrumptious, it will leave your skin oh so soft and oh so smooth. With only three ingredients, you should definitely give this one a go. Read on for the recipe.

What You Need:

DIY Whipped Body Butter

  • 1/2 cup coconut oil
  • 1 cup cocoa butter
  • 5-7 drops argan oil

What To Do:

The first thing that you have to do is get your cocoa butter and your coconut oil and put in a pot. Under a low flame, you want to melt these two ingredients until they a both completely liquid. Keep on mixing for a good minute or so just to make sure that everything is blended in nicely.

Then you want to add your argan oil to the mix. Keep on stirring for about 3 minutes.

Take the pot out of the flame and you can move your mixture into a glass bowl. Place it in the ref to let it chill. The thing is that you want to get it just right, firm, but not solid. Hard but still soft. So leave it there for a good hour or so.

When ready, take it out of the fridge the whip away. You can use an electric mixer and do so for about 5-10 minutes or you can do it the old fashioned way and keep on whipping until nice and fluffy.

It’s a good idea to move this to a glass jar with a lid that you can seal on tightly. Put it back in the fridge for another 10-15 minutes just to let it set even more.

When ready, go ahead and smother the good stuff on your skin generously.

  • TIP: If you home’s temperature is generally above 75 degrees, then it’s best that you store your homemade whipped body butter in the fridge to keep it’s consistency. If not, then you can go ahead and keep it wherever you want.

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