Medical Sciences is one of the most important branch of science which deals with the human diseases and their treatments. Modern development in this line make it more beneficial for humanity. In the beginning doctors used to treat the diseases with some fixed tools and knowledge. medical doctorsThere was no specialty to treat certain diseases. With modern development a big change has been occurred regarding doctors specialty to treat the patients. Medical experts can be divided in to many Doctors’ specialties. But there are two main categories of doctors.
(1) Physicians: Those who treat the patients through medicines only are called physicians .
(2) Surgeons:  Those who operate patients or perform surgeries are called Surgeons or Surgical Specialist.medical doctors

When someone falls ill he or she visits G.P (general practitioner) to report the issue. G.P is a medical doctor but not a specialist doctor. G.P can treat the general and common problems in men and women. G.P examines you,  diagnose the problem and prescribes you  medicines according to your disease. If G.P finds some serious medical issue then refers you to the concerned specialty for further treatment. G.P can refers you to the following specialties.
(a) If you have cardiac/heart problem then refers you to Cardiologist/heart specialist.
medical doctors(b) If you have gastric or stomach problem then refers you to gastroenterologist.
(c) If you have Psyche problem then refers you to a psychiatrist or psychologist. Be in mind one thing a psychiatrist is a doctor who treats patients with medicines and a psychologist is not a medical doctor. Psychologist treats patients with speech therapy.
(d) If you have any fracture then refers you refers you to Orthopedician.
(e) If you have eye problem then refers you to opthalmologist/eye specialist.
(f) If you have any ear, nose or throat problem then refers you to ENT specialist.

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