When it comes right down to your whole anti aging skin care routine, don’t neglect the Decollete, commonly known as your neck. Just like when applying foundation, unless you are a fan of that uneven look (which nobody really is) you don’t stop at your jaw line and chin. That’s right ladies, keep on going.

Remember, thanks to time and a little thing called gravity, your neck is at high risk of flab and sag- two things you definitely want to avoid. Let’s not even get started on the wrinkles. So instead of piling up on scarves and turtle necks the older you get, or even worse, actually seeking surgical help, the golden rule of “prevention is better than cure” still stands strong.

So here are some great tips on anti aging neck care.

1. Face Care = Neck Care

As mentioned earlier, do not stop at your chin, keep on going. So whatever beauty secrets you have for your face should also be applied on your neck.

This mainly involves sunscreen, cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and a good exfoliant. The same goes for masks too.

2. Exercise

Yes, you got that right. Even your neck needs to get some of that good old exercise. Remember there is nothing flattering about a double chin and the turkey look will never be in. So here is a quick and simple routine that you can try out.

  • With arms relaxed on your sides, tilt you head down about an inch.
  • Slowly turn your head to the right as far as it can go.  Do not force it!
  • Tilt your head back and your chin up.
  • Hold for about 5-10 seconds.
  • Do the same but to the left.
  • Repeat 10 times, daily. DAILY!

3. Massage

Nothing beats a good massage. Massaging your neck can do more than just soothe an aching one. If done correctly, it can actually help keep your neck toned and sag free. Plus, there isn’t really ,much to it. Just keep these two tips in mind.

Always up, never down. Start from the nape and slowly move up to your chin. It is that simple. If you want to try to defy the effects of gravity, then simply go against it.

Second, Vitamin E is your best friend. So when giving yourself a massage, use a cream that is rich in vitamin E.

4. Diet

When it comes to your skin, you should always try to begin from within. Your diet can definitely help slow down the whole aging process and have you wrinkle free beyond your years. One of the best kinds is the RAW food diet.

Now, I’m not saying that you should give up the stove completely, but even just adding a little raw fresh food will be a big help.


Benefits of raw food:

  • Up energy production
  • Better mental clarity
  • Helps digestion
  • More antioxidants
  • Brighter, better, YOUNGER complexion
  • Reduces the risk of over eating
  • Great for cleansing and detoxing

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