Pure & clean drinking water is necessary for human health. Unfortunately the water we use in our houses are not according to the hygienic conditions. That ‘s why we have to face serious sort of diseases in our lives.  Our health is at risk every time. Картинки по запросу Drinking water purificationPure and clean drinking water is a big issue in third world countries. The responsible authorities are not paying proper attention on this serious health issue to solve it. In this unfavorable conditions its our prime duty to make sure the availability of pure and clean water. It’s very easy and we can do this at home.

In this way we can make our family healthy. Impurities in drinking water is very dangerous for human health. We can suffer in  DIARRHEATYPHOID  and abdominal diseases  Following are some tips to purify water at home.

                                                   Tip No.1   
water purificationIodine tablets are very easy method to purify water to drink. Iodine tablets are available at medical pharmacies and method to use is mentioned on the packet. This method can be used when you are at picnic with your family. This is very economical and easy to use.

                                                    Tip No. 2
Chlorine tablets are another easy and economical method to purify water for drinking. A few tablets of chlorine are enough to purify a big quantity of water to drink.

                                                    Tip No.3   
We can use chlorine bleach to purify water to drink. A few drops of chlorine is enough for one gallon of water to clean. But its necessary to know when to use it after mixing chlorine bleach in the water.

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