Drugs and pregnancy:-

Pregnancy is the very vital state for every women. A Women becomes mother after giving birth to baby. The women is going to give birth to the baby which resembles the parents usually. As the fetus or baby grows in mothers womb, an external additional nutrition supplement is essential for mother to nourish the growing baby. So during pregnancy the mother should receive healthy food which is good in nutrients. Good food ingestion results in maintaining good health of both mother and baby or fetus.

How drugs affects mother’s and fetal life ?

Drugs taken by the mother during pregnancy affects the mother’s health and also the fetal life affected lot. Even the drugs or medications taken to treat infections or diseases of pregnant mother affects the growing fetus.

All narcotic drugs are contraindicated for pregnant mother as the deviation of mother’s health and destruction of normal fetus growth is definite. The drugs such as heroin and cocaine are very dangerous for both mother and fetus. Even alcohol and tobacco alters the health of mother and fetus. Most of the medications drugs taken to treat an infection or disease are harmful to fetal life. Pregnant women health is also altered with medications. So preventing the diseases and infections is the best way avoiding drugs during pregnancy.

At what stage drugs affect pregnant mother and fetal growth ?

Certain drugs affects the fetal life at different stage of growth. A drug may not damage pregnant women health the fetal growth during one trimester and the same drug may cause damage at another stage of pregnancy.

Most of organs and systems of fetal body are developed in the first ten weeks of pregnancy. During formation of body organs and systems of baby, the drugs and medications consumed by the mother affects the growth of fetus and growth may be deviated. The deviated growth of fetus leads to fetal malformation of developing organs such as heart, limbs, spinal cord and facial features. +

Some drugs dangerous during third trimester of pregnancy. The drugs given during later stage of pregnancy may trouble the mother during labour or affects the fetus. Even the adverse effects of drugs may harm the baby after birth.

How alcohol is dangerous to health of women and baby ?

Alcohol is the most dangerous drug for pregnant women, that too in early weeks of pregnancy. After entering the body alcohol is converted into cell-damaging compound, the chemically can be absorbed from fetus easily. Cluster of birth defects are high with Heavy drinking during early weeks of pregnancy. Fetal alcohol syndrome is the common problem seen in the babies born to alcoholic mother. The defect includes small skull, abnormal facial structures, and heart defects ( hole in heart ) and even impeded growth and mental retardation are also manifested in the baby.

Doctors suggest that Is better for mother to avoid alcohol during pregnancy. If the mother avoids the alcohol during pregnancy, is good for both pregnant mother’s health and fetal health. Is not an alcohol is great worth than a normal baby. is not it ? Then stop drinking alcohol and enjoy the safe motherhood.

Smoking and health of fetus and pregnant women:-

miscarriage or premature labor are common when the mother have an habit of Smoking during pregnancy. Nicotine depresses the appetite and pregnant women refuses food. This reduces the nutritional intake by the mother at prime time and mother becomes weak and also the fetal growth is affected. Less nutrient supply to mother and fetus may result in low birth weight of newborn baby. Lungs of mother also fails to absorb maximum oxygen and the baby may suffer from lack of oxygen.

Drug abuse is very very dangerous:-

Cocaine and methamphetamine strongly stimulants the central nervous system and suppress pregnant mother’s appetite and causes drastic forces women’s body. This leads to constriction of blood vessels, and increases heart beat there by increases blood pressure. Ultimately hinders the fetal growth. Risks of miscarriage and premature labor are common with cocaine use. Abruptio placentae a condition in which placenta is partially separated from uterus is also occurs with usage of narcotic drugs.Drugs or medications Affects mother and fetus/ baby NSAIDs : non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as nimisulide, and other analgesics such as aspirin, ibuprofen interfere with blood clotting and increase the risk of uncontrolled bleeding during labour from mother and from the cord of the baby. Labor may be dangerously delayed or extended when these drugs are taken at the end stage of pregnancy as by hindering production of the hormones that stimulate labor.

Drugs used to prevent epileptic seizures are called Anticonvulsants such as phenytoin and carbamazepine may cause defects of heart and face, and also may lead to mental retardation.

Drugs used to treat chronic acne and psoriasis such as Isotretinoin and etretinate may cause chronic malformations during first trimester of pregnancy.

Anticoagulant drugs used for treatment of heart disease and stroke, affects clotting and prevents platelets aggravation.When these Anticoagulant drugs used during early pregnancy, may cause facial malformations and mental retardation. If taken during third trimester of pregnancy increases risk of uncontrolled bleeding during child birth.

Drugs used to treat migraine (Anti migraine drugs) such as ergot amine and methysergide increases the risk of premature labor.

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