Step By Step Guide To Getting Pregnant. 1. Have Sex. Well, let us get the most obvious point out of the way first. If you’re looking to get pregnant through the traditional method, then it should go without saying that you will need to have sex for it to happen. Contrary to what your mother used to tell you as a kid, you won’t get pregnant without full blown sexual intercourse. The more sex you have, the more sperm is released and therefore the bigger the chance is of becoming pregnant. Having frequent and quality sex will increase your chance of conceiving by supplying sperm to the egg when you’re at the most fertile point of your cycle.

Fastest Way To Get Pregnant

2. Stop Using Protection

You may well have gone through your whole life so far, having only protected sex, and this is great when you’re trying to reduce your chances of getting a sexually transmitted disease (STD) or stopping pregnancy from happening, but now that you’re actually trying to make babies, you will need to stop all forms of contraception. If you’re used to only using condoms or femidoms during sex, then all you need to do is stop using them. However, if you’ve been using other means of contraception such as the pill, then you will need to give it a few months before you’re back at the fully fertile level. If you are using one of these other forms of contraception, then please arrange an appointment with your doctor, tell him or her that you’re going to try for a baby, and follow their advice on stopping the use of the contraception.

It’s also worth noting if you’re currently using lubricants or other liquid products during sex that a lot of them actually contain chemicals that kills sperm cells. Although it’s not a contraception on it’s own, it can help to reduce the chance of pregnancy which is good when you’re not trying to get pregnant, but definitely bad if you are.

3. Cut Out Cigarettes

Not only are cigarettes bad for everybody, shorten your life span and reduce the quality of life, they are also a big problem for people trying to have a baby as well as pregnant women. You probably know about all the health risks associated with the use of tobacco, but there are two we’d like to highlight for you in particular. If smoking is a habit of either you or your partner, then there is a decreased fertility and a reduced chance of you actually conceiving. For men, smoking reduces the overall sperm count released during sex, and also makes the sperm weaker, lowering the chance of it actually reaching the egg and fertilizing it. For women that have not yet conceived, it vastly reduces your fertility, and can bring on menopause years earlier than it should come. If you haven’t managed to kick the habit before becoming pregnant, then your putting your baby in much greater danger compared to a mother who doesn’t smoke. There is a much increased chance of problems with the heart, the brain, the lungs and the size of the child. It’s really not worth the risk, cut out those cigarettes for good with the help of a doctor, or at least until you give birth.

4. Stock Up On Those Vitamins

Vitamins will be good for both you and your partner. The majority of people are actually at a less than optimal level for at least one of their vital vitamins intake. Although the problems caused by some vitamins deficits is not too serious, some particular vitamins can cause long term problems, reduce your probability of conceiving a baby and reduce your chance of carrying a healthy baby all through those 9 months. Once again, to prepare yourself and your bodies for having a baby, you should go see your doctor for a blood test and make sure all vitamins are at the right level. Sometimes, even if your vitamin levels look OK, the doctor may prescribe pregnancy specific multivitamins as it helps to have more of certain types of vitamins during pregnancy. The vitamins in particular that increase your fertility are vitamin C, E and B6 (folic acid). Making sure your vitamin D levels are OK is important in reducing the chance of mental disorders such as depression developing during this admittedly stressful part of your life.

5. Keeping Track Of Your Ovulation Cycle

As we mentioned above, all women of child bearing age will have a fertile period and an infertile period in every month. You’ll want to keep track of your cycle stages and phases to make sure you do have sex during your most fertile window, which is just before you ovulate. There are plenty of ways to do this. You can simply chart the ovulation times of every month building up to when you’re going to start trying to conceive. This method is easy, but often not very effective because ovulation can come on early or late every month. Another method is to buy an ovulation kit which will tell you 1 or 2 days in advanced. These kits don’t come cheap, and can cost as much as $50 for one.

So you probably all know how women get pregnant. Thanks to education, every teenager should know how a woman’s egg is fertilized, how sperm is released into the vagina through intercourse, and how it gets to the egg. What they probably didn’t teach you in school is the easiest ways to get pregnant. You can have all the sex you want, but if you have it at the wrong times during the wrong part of your cycle every month then you actually have very little chance of pregnancy. It seems that conceiving a baby should be the easiest thing ever, but what people don’t tell you is that if you’re struggling to become pregnant, then you may need to research more into the technicalities of it, to make sure you’re not doing it wrong. In this article, we’re going to give you a step by step plan to make your pregnancy come on painlessly and effortlessly.

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