US Brand Name: Edronax
Other Brand Names:
Generic Name: reboxetine mesilate
Other Forms:
Class: Antidepressant, specifically NRI.Read up on these sections if you haven’t done so already, because they cover a lot of information about multiple medications that I’m not going to repeat on many pages. I’m just autistic that way about not repeating myself.
FDA Approved Use: Depression
Off-Label Uses: Panic/Anxiety, Bipolar Depression, ADD/ADHD, Eating Disorders
Pros: Far less likely to trigger mania in the bipolar or seizures in the epileptic. Either is still possible, it’s just that the odds are higher (i.e. the events are less likely). NRIs typically have a low side effect profile for most people and are either ineffectual or are the greatest thing ever for someone.
Cons: Not available in the US, so I’m just guessing about what’s approved by the local FDA-equivalent in Forn Parts, and what’s off-label usage. The high potency/small dosage make it difficult to fine tune.

Typical Side Effects: The usual for NRIs – headache, dry mouth, urinary hesitance, constipation, early awakening. The headache tends to go away and only reappears with a dosage increase for most people. The urinary hesitance (think the Beavis and Butt-Head episode where they forgot how to “go”), dry mouth, constipation and early awakening strike at random throughout the time you take it.

For tips on how to cope with these side effects, please see our side effects page.
These aren’t all the side effects possible, just the most popular ones.

Not So Common Side Effects: Increased heart rate or heart palpitations, getting really sweaty. Guys report temporary and permanent sexual side effects with Strattera (atomoxetine), ranging from painful ejaculation to erectile dysfunction, so the same may follow for Edronax (reboxetine mesilate).
These may or may not happen to you don’t, so don’t be surprised one way or the other.

Freaky Rare Side Effects: Damned if I know, the PI sheets in the UK and Australia are just pitiful! Only the kiwis have a half-decent one. The only moderately freaky and quite rare one I’ve found is impotence at the higher dosage. That’s about it for sexual side effects at all.

Interesting Stuff Your Doctor Probably Won’t Tell You: I haven’t bothered looking yet. I’m sure there’s plenty out there.

Dosage: Initial dose is 4mg twice a day. After three weeks it may be increased to 5mg twice a day. From one e-mail and reading the experiences of a couple people with unipolar and bipolar depression the optimal dosage is in the range of 8-12mg a day.

Days to Reach a Steady State: Five days.
When you’re fully saturated with the medication and less prone to peaks and valleys of effects. You still might have peaks of effect after taking many meds, but with a lot of the meds you’ll have fewer valleys after this point. In theory anyway.

How Long it Takes to Work: About two weeks. If my experience with Strattera (atomoxetine) is any gauge, you could start feeling something within three days. Others have reported Strattera (atomoxetine) kicking in within 3-4 days as well. The few reports I’ve had from people taking Reboxetine give a similar timeline. A week is common, three to four days is not surprising.

Half-Life & Average Time to Clear Out of Your System: Reboxetine’s a half-life is 13 hours. You should step down your dosage by 2mg a day every three days. Fortunately NRI discontinuation isn’t as hairy as SSRI discontinuation.
If you’ve worked your way up to a particular dosage, it’s usually best to spend this many days at the next lowest dosage before going down the next lowest dosage before that and so forth. This is the least sucky way to avoid problems when stopping any psychiatric medication. Presuming you have the option of slowly tapering off them.

How It Works In Your Brain: Like all NRIs Edronax (reboxetine mesilate) doesn’t make you produce more norepinephrine, rather it makes your neurons soak for a longer period of time in the norepinephrine you already produce.

In a comparison with Effexor (venlafaxine) and Norpramin (desipramine), Edronax (reboxetine mesilate) was found to have the most potent effect on norepinephrine. It was vastly more influential on that neurotransmitter than Effexor (venlafaxine).

Comments: I honestly don’t know squat about this med, but I list it here because it’s helped a lot of people, including some for whom Strattera (atomoxetine HCl) was almost but not quite the answer. Also, since all reuptake inhibitors are subject to poop-out, you never know if you’re going to have to switch between Strattera (atomoxetine HCl) and Edronax (reboxetine mesilate), so it’s best to have options! Otherwise it’s just back to the TCAs. And a lot of those still mess with serotonin.
Like all NRIs if you take too much you might be subject to norepinephrine depletion or vulnerable to the adverse effects of MAO. Read up about it on the page about NRIs.

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