The rate of domestic violence is increasing significantly all over the world. The worst effects of domestic violence are seen in children. In this article, we’ll be discussing about the most frequently seen effects of domestic violence on emotional health of children:

Anxiety: Children witnessing domestic violence are more susceptible towards developing anxiety issues compare to children who do not have any such experience. This anxiety may take the shape of fear as the child grows in age and might also make the children extremely violent. These children often feel the anxiety of being left out by the parents. Anxiety caused by domestic violence might also lead to occurrence of panic disorder.

Decreased self-esteem: Children experiencing or witnessing domestic violence are likely to develop low self-esteem. This often occurs when the child get abused by his loved ones or see his loved ones get abused. The violence causing low self-esteem in children might or might not be directed to them, but the effects of such actions on the self-esteem of the children are equally severe. A child living in such ambience tends to feel guilty; often he blames himself for all the incidents occurring around him. Besides all these, the child might also feel grieved and ashamed over the brutal occurrences. In such situation, these children must be offered the assurance that none of the violence is their fault.

Depression: A child growing up amidst domestic violence is more susceptible towards depression during childhood or later in his life compared to his peers. Low self esteem in children witnessing domestic violence can later take the shape of depression. Depression, on the other hand, can trigger suicidal thoughts and other serious emotional issues if not treated at the right time.

Anger: Anger is another common effect of domestic violence. Children experiencing domestic violence often respond to the situation through temperament problems and anger. These children might become extremely aggressive and might end up harming their peers.

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