I feel  excruciating pain in my foot below the ankle and near the arch after prolonged standing and walking. This pain is continuous and get worsen throughout the day. Pressing a particular point on the foot gives relief in pain for a short time. I had morning stiffness in the same foot few months back but at that time the pain used to disappear after walking for a while. The pain is not subsiding this time. One doctor said it is plantar fasicitis, other doctor said it is due to stress fracture. Please tell me What is my exact problem. What is my treatment ? How can correct diagnosis be made. What can I do to prevent it in future? I am also type II diabetic, is  my problem related to diabetes in any ways.

Answer (by Dr. Naresh Kumar Agrawal): For the confirmation of diagnosis and treatment you are advised to go for X ray of ankle with heel and foot. After the diagnosis the treatment will be prescribed accordingly. Consult orthopedician for further treatment. Till then heat therapy can be done, use comfortable soft sports shoes. Exercises for ankle and foot must be done under physiotherapist guidance, to get relief from pain take pain killers. Take diet rich in calcium like milk and its product with vitamin D supplements. It is not directly linked to diabetes but the diabetes must be in control.

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