Exelon (rivastigmaine tartrate). An anti-Alzheimer’s medication that is showing great promise in the treatment and prevention of Alzheimer’s, Exelon is sometimes used to counter the most severe memory and concentration problems caused by other psychiatric medications. Exelon’s weight-loss effects are even more dramatic than those of Topamax, especially for women. Mouse has lost a scary amount of weight with Exelon. While Mouse has found Exelon to be moderately effective in helping with memory and concentration issues caused by anticonvulsants, I found it to be ineffectual, and I got more of my memory issues resolved by taking Twinlab’s multi-mineral capsules. There are a buttload of NIH studies backing up the efficacy of trace minerals, specifically copper, magnesium, zinc, manganese and selenium, in improving memory and concentration issues resulting from a variety of problems. Exelon has what has to be the worst withdrawal profile of the all medications in our guide, worse even than Effexor’s. Once you are on Exelon, you are on Exelon. Take it from a couple of people who have been addicted to opiates and who have been on Exelon as well as SSRIs, and fully legal benzodiazepines and methamphetamines, the Exelon kick is by far the worst of them all. It could well be that the projectile vomiting is factored in to make damn sure that you don’t forget to take your medication, because Exelon is a memory drug after all. Like most psychiatric medications it carries with it the common side effects of nausea, headache, dizziness and diarrhea. Freakiest rare side effects: increased libido (Imagine all the horny old people in nursing homes who can’t remember with whom they did it! We see a new porn series in this.) and goiter. The initial dose is 1.5 mg twice a day. If well-tolerated the dosage may be increased, as required, by 3 mg a day with a minimum of a two-week interval between each titration to a maximum dose of 12 mg a day. The half-life of Exelon is only 1.5 hours, so always refill your prescription at least a week before you run out of pills and have an airline barf bag handy. Novartis

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