If you are like most people, you are looking for the perfect exercise to reduce tummy fat. While there are many different types of exercises to reduce tummy fat, abdominal exercises are not one size fits all. Most people cannot do crunches because they have lower back or neck issues that prevent them from developing their abdominals in the traditional manner. And for some people, traditional crunches are not a possibility because of lingering pain from a previous injury. For those who would rather not put extra strain on their back and neck, there are many other kinds of exercise to reduce tummy fat.

Did you know you can grab a couple two-pound weights and put one in each hand? It’s a great exercise to reduce tummy fat, but there is a lot more to it. Once the weights are in each hand, stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Make sure the knees are slightly bent and your arms are at the sides. Now just lean to the right and then the left. Just remember that each side you lean on the stomach should be pulled in towards the belly button. This will help tone the midsection. In the beginning this will be exhausting, so start with 3-4 minutes and then add another minute every time you do the exercise.

Physically taxing, so you can try it for 3-4 minutes and then add on another minute each time you do the exercise.Another great exercise to reduce tummy fat is to lie on the floor on your stomach while watching television, and every time your favorite show goes to commercial, pull your belly button toward your spine. However, you want to be sure to keep your hips on the floor. If this is difficult for you to do, try placing a penny on the floor under your belly button and pull your belly button away from the quarter. This may help to give you a point of contact to keep your abdominals pulled tight. If you can’t hold your stomach the entire time the commercials are on, then try holding it for one commercial and relaxing for the next one and so on.

If you feel that the previous exercises to reduce tummy fat are too difficult, then try standing with your feet hip width apart and your hands on your hips or down at your sides. Inhale, pushing your stomach out as far as you can, and on the exhale, curve your stomach and once again, pull your spin towards your belly button. Do this for several minutes at a time, and you will be getting the benefits on a standard crunch, without the back and neck pain that is associated with crunches. This type of standing crunch also gives you more control and allows you to feel a deeper burn.

It gives you the same results as if you were on the floor doing crunches. It’s a great exercise to reduce tummy fat, and alleviates any issue with back or neck problems.We recommend trying each one of these and figure out what feels comfortable to you right now. If you truly want an exercise to reduce tummy fat then you also have to be disciplined enough to stick with it. Those who do will shed that midsection and be able to see exactly what your abs should look like.

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