Bathroom feng shui is both challenging and rewarding
Applying feng shui principles to your home will enhance the liveliness and spirit of your home – and in the bathroom this can be the most challenging.

Keep it uncluttered and clean

Simple tips for bathroom feng shui

Bathrooms contain fantastic positive water elements and are very energy dynamic, with positive energy flowing in with the water and leaving as water is expelled. The key to good bathroom feng shui is finding equilibrium between incoming and outgoing energy.

Clean and uncluttered

Keep surfaces clean and clear of clutter. Keep only what you absolutely need on counter tops and store the rest.

Make sure taps and towel rails are sparkling clean so that positive energy is reflected within the room.

It’s done with mirrors

Positive energy is reflected within the bathroom by surfaces such as mirrors and chrome. Mirrors also reflect natural light within the bathroom.

Talking of natural light…

Keep light as natural as possible – massive bonus if you have large, airy windows. Blinds and curtains that open allow positive light energy to enter the room to bring a sense of warmth and balance.

Going with the energy flow

It goes without saying that good drainage and well-maintained plumbing is vital for bathroom feng shui. Fix taps that leak, replace broken washers and regularly clean drains with baking soda, vinegar and boiling water.

Bring in the green

Plants are amazing in bathrooms and provide a natural energy like nothing else can. Did you know that bamboo represents good luck and also looks really good in a bathroom?

Maintain harmony and positive energy in your bathroom and it will be a joy and place for physical and spiritual cleansing and rejuvenation.

Turn any bathroom into a place of peace with these feng shui tips.

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