No one can deny the fact that, for leading a healthy and proper life food plays a very important role. We include several types of food in our daily schedule including vegetarian, non-vegetarian, continental and fast food. Due to fast and busy schedule people do not have even time to make food by their own. Parents do not have time to make food for their children. So, for that they give some bucks to their children and tell them to buy any eatable from outside.

Due to increase in this trend, it has become a profitable job for not only restaurant or canteen runners but also for the people especially youth who search for a part time job.

The trend of fast food jobs had increased in some previous years as the market of fast food has tremendously increased. Due to this expansion in the market, canteen and restaurant runners faced the shortage of people who can properly serve the customer. For that they attracted youth towards this job. Young people were also ready to do fast food jobs as this will not only provide them job along with work experience but also good salary for their daily expenses.

Fast food jobs were rapidly climbing the preference ranking of the jobs by the young people as here they can learn a lot of things. Fast food jobs are usually preferred by the young people who want to gain some experience or were studying far from their home and require money for their daily expenses.

Some time ago, only banking, telecommunication and IT sector were preferred by the youth to gain some work experience but now in the recent times fast food jobs were also added to that list. It is considered that doing job publicly in restaurant and canteens will remove shyness of the young people and increase their confidence and interaction skills. It is not only restricted to people who likes to take some work experience or just like to earn some bucks. But now, some parents also prefer that their child must do fast food jobs. This is because by doing this their child could make his own personal identity and also understands the value of money.

Thus fast food business is a business which is increasing in charm because of several reasons. It is not just food but many other things as well that is making this business flourish in almost all parts of the world

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