Certainly if you wish to avoid the social recluse due to the scarred face then you need an immediate treatment. The treatment which must be fast enough to make you comfortable against scars say, within a couple of the weeks or months.

To speak frankly the treatment of acne dependent on the kind of acne one is facing. The time period generally varies from one week to three week for mild acne and for very severe acne cases the treatment could extend up to six months. As such the quick removal of acne scars are possible with various methods comparatively and if they are used in conjunction then effects are very positive.

Generally the acne scar can be prevented by avoiding the plucking and squeezing of the lesions filled nodules. However if scar are already then there are two methods to remove the scars, Surgical and Laser Treatment. These methods are generally very effective and give the well balance to the skin remodeling.

Dermabrasion: This method is carried out in macro and micro form with an abrader tool and the abrader gel. The scarred skin layer is removed and the then left over under medication to heal and develop a new fresh layer which is fine textured and toned.

Punch Excision: If the scars are deep and large then the scar is cut-off from the deep layer and the defect is filled with healthy skin from the area behind the ears. This is carried under local anesthesia and the full healing come up between 3 to 4 weeks in medication and care.

Punch Elevation: The method is similar to above but the scar edges are either sutured or adhered by the glue called Dermabond. This method quickly heals the skin defects and the further skin resurfacing can also be opted for better results.

Skin Resurfacing and Grafting: The affected area on the face is first abraded and then replaced by the fresh skin which is taken from the different body parts. This is generally a follow up to the punch excision method. The skin resurfacing heals in 4 to 6 weeks time and further care brightens up the skin tone in a couple of months.

Dermal Filling: The various types of fillers like human fat, human collagen, Bovine collagen, Polyethyl- Methacrylate crystals, and derivatives of Hyaluronic acid etc. are used to fill the defect in the skin due to the scars.

Laser Resurfacing: This method uses the use of ablative of lasers. One which burns the skin surfaces by high heat vaporization and leaves the skin reddened that heals over a period. The initial effects of reddening fade off under the post operative care soon and a clean skin model is obtained.

The methods detailed above have very low heal time as compared to other alternative methods or natural healing of the scars. Apart from this if patient is suffering from the mild acne scars that have only affected the pigment colors then some topical ointments containing Retin-A, Benzyol Peroxide, alpha Hydroxy acids are much helpful in clearing off the skin irregularities and develops the proper skin texture.

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