Fasting according to the method Dr. Buchinger Lützner is a holiday for body, mind and soul, is THE health care for mature people.

Fasting is the holiday meal, regeneration and detoxification release, is to orient new and much more than just the loss of some superfluous kilos. Fasting is a valuable experience, an experience that can be done only by themselves. To know that you have to live temporarily without solid food and then eat more modest than usual. Requirement for fasting are open-mindedness, a desire for active health care, curiosity and a willingness to try it simple. Fasting is not starvation, but a comprehensive cleaning and regeneration process!

By fasting, numerous problems can be substantially improved, eg gout, high cholesterol, uric acid, excess, blood pressure, stress, weight problems, immune weakness, nervousness, insomnia, constipation, metabolic disorders, rheumatism, daily stress, heart disease, calcification, headache, and much more. In addition to numerous descriptions in the medical literature, which reported on the surprising healing following a prolonged fasting period, it was mainly Dr. Otto Buchinger, who developed fasting as a form of therapy with great success and widespread recognition.

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