Need for fat free food. Fat foods are the sources of weight gain. When excess fats are supplied to fat cells present in the body, these cells start circulating the fatty acids to other cells such as liver cells. Weight gain can lead to some diseases such as type II diabetes, stroke, heart problems, and cardiovascular disorders, so one should avoid fat foods.Healthy and fat free cooking is easy and enjoyable. The way and plan of cooking may bring considerable change in fat content. Following are the some tips to prepare quality and fat free foods.

* Avoid frying in oils and other fat oils. In place one can use non-stick spray coating. Always use non stick frying fans. Baking, roasting, oven broiling, steaming, poaching and stewing are enough for meat, fish and poultry. To keep moisture and flavor, add broth, skim milk, fruit juice or some vegetables.

* Reduce considerable amount of oil. Use low fat, low calorie ingredients such as yogurt to sour cream. Use fresh ingredients such as lemon juice, hot pepper, onion, garlic, tomatoes, and ginger. Chill soups and stews after cooking to remove fat from the surface.

* Freshly grated Parmesan or Romano cheese can be kept for long time to use in cooking. Butter flavored sprinkles or salt free seasonings can be replaced to margarine. Cook vegetables using a good steamer to prevent fat contents and to preserve essential vitamins and minerals. Good quality bakers are useful as they don’t need greasing to prepare low fat cakes. One can reduce the fat contents in ground beef up to 50% using drain and rinse cooking method.

* To keep tomatoes and other vegetable sauces fat free, thickening method with brown flour or cornstarch can be used. Cream soups can be made richer by using 1/4 cup powdered skim milk. To keep items such as fish and chickens moist, low fat and delicious, poaching method can be used. Cook vegetables n a low heat with a little water to keep their essentials. Prepare salad dressings with natural yogurt, herbs, spices, tomato juice, vinegar, and lemon juice.

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