Fever is not a disease. It is basically the abnormal temperature of human body. The normal temperature of human body is  36C 0r 37C  OR  98F or 100F. When temperature of human body is raised above normal value cold sensations feel. It remains with you during fever. The increasing temperature of human body indicates that our immune system is fighting against some infections in the body. Very high temperature is harmful for human body and it may create  health complications.

Medicines should not be used in mild temperature as this situation indicates our immune system response against infections. According to American & European doctors body temperature above than 34.9C is considered as high fever and it is harmful for human health.
Signs & Symptoms of Fever:  
Generally following signs & symptoms appear in fever.
(1) ShiveringКартинки по запросу Fever
(2) Loss of appetite
(3) Dehydration
(4) Lethargy
(5) Insomnia
(6) Sweating
(7) Body pain
Causes of Fever:  
The following reasons may cause Fever.
(1) Throat infection, flu or due to Pneumonia
(2) Joint pain
(3) Drug induced fever
(4) Sun Stroke
(5) Heavy exercises in summer
(6) Drugs withdrawal
How to diagnose fever: Body temperature is measured through thermometer. Before measuring temperature body should be at rest. Temperature increases during exercise and working. Temperature under tongue above than 37.7C or 99.9F is considered as fever and temperature under arm above than 37.2C or 90F is considered as fever.
Fever treatment: Antipyretic medicines are used to reduce fever like Paracetamol, Brufen or Panadol. Be in mind for children under syrup is used and for adults tablets are used to reduce the temperature at normal. If fever is due to any infection in body then it will be treated by an antibiotic.

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