Fiber diet:-

Fiber diet weight loss article describes how fiber diet helps in weight loss. Dietary fiber is the fiber present in the diet. Fibers are the indigestible plant sourced materials. The fiber present in the food is known as dietary fiber. Fiber is mainly present in fruits, vegetables, and grains. Most of the food fiber are indigestible by human intestine.

Uses of Fiber diet:-

* Fiber has a water observing property and helps in forming bulk of food.
* Fiber is highly beneficial in treating, Constipation, diverticular diseases, and hemorrhoids.
* Water soluble fiber helps in reducing cholesterol level in blood.
* Fiber rich diet is good for heath.
* Fruits, vegetables and grains are rich in fibres and are good for health.
* Fiber rich food also helps in controlling weight.
* Digestion becomes easier in presence of fibre rich food.
* Fiber should be chronically increased in food. Sudden, excess intake of fiber rich food may lead to bloating, gas etc.
* Fiber is beneficial in treating and preventing constipation.

Sources of Fiber diet are:-

Fruits, vegetables and whole grains and nuts are good sources of fiber.

Meat, milk, egg, don’t contain fiber.

Peeling of fruits and vegetables reduces fiber content.

Drying of vegetables and fruits reduces water observing capacity of fiber.

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