First month pregnancy:-

First month pregnancy is also called as fetal bud stage. The first month of pregnancy starts from the day of last menstrual date to four weeks of pregnancy. Size of fetal bud in first month is around 0.5-1 cm. The heart and spinal cord of fetus develops in the first month of pregnancy. So special nutritional care is important for the pregnant mother. Pregnant mother who uses Folic acid tablets can prevent any abnormality in the prevention of Defects of growing fetus during first month of pregnancy.

Symptoms of First month pregnancy:-

Missed monthly period:  It is the main symptom of First month pregnancy. As the egg is fertilised, the zygote is formed and the menstrual period is missed.

Fatigue:  Women feels so tired, and thinks how to combat fatigue and perform or continue work.

Mood Swings and Depression: Women with first month pregnancy experiences Sudden mood changes, and even for a loneliness they get Depression very soon.

Morning sickness:  Women feels vomiting sensation in the early morning as soon as they wake up from the bed. Most of the women with pregnancy experiences Morning sickness. The hormonal changes leads to Morning sickness.

Excessive Salivation: Excessive salivation is also associated with first month pregnancy, due to changed hormonal levels in the body.

Excessive urination:  Due to change in the position of uterus and hormonal changes Women with pregnancy passes urine often and often.

Increased size of Mammary Glands, is also because of change in estrogen and progesterone level.

All these symptoms are seen in first month of pregnancy. Pregnancy home test is done to confirm pregnancy, or the pregnancy confirmation is done by the physician in the health care centre. Most of the women becomes very happy with their first pregnancy.

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