If your lifestyle has made you lethargic and sluggish, it is about time you made a change. If you feel that your fitness levels have dropped to a new low, better take some serious steps. The urban UK has been blessed by the fitness camps which have been taking care of its clients. They guarantee their clients to become slimmer trimmer and fitter as per their goals.


If you think that for getting slimmer these camps are going to starve you down, you are in for a surprise. These camps are all about giving you a balanced way of life and balanced diet plays a major role in it. They ensure that you do not skip any meals or take anything which is not good for your diet program. This is also added with a regular sleep routine which will keep your mid stable and calm.

These camps stick to a six meal per day plan. This does not only guarantee one to be full of energy but will also eliminate the chance of storing extra fat which you will not be using. You will also notice that they keep processed wheat and diary items far away. They are not only irritating for the digestive system but are also known for making weight loss very slow.

The breakfast is the first diet of the day and so it has to be tasty as well as give you a great healthy start for the day. Tasty porridge with fruits and seeds are the most common item on the menu. These are taken with fresh berries to ensure a kick start for the day. Proteins and carbohydrates are balanced in the diet to ensure that you get the energy to go through the exercises. Meat and vegetables along with beans and other tasty food items are going to be a part of the lunch and dinner.

Tortillas and salads are also a common part of the meals. The snacks consist of dry fruits, nuts and fruits. You will also have certain special treats like vegetable flavored oats cakes and even dark chocolate. As far as nutrition is concerned, you will have no problem in losing weight in these camps. The chefs here are well experienced and have a background of working in some of the best restaurants and eateries around.

Many of the women who have taken part in the fitness programs of these camps have said that the disciplined workout regimes too are a very important part in the slimming program. Long hikes, runs and training exercises drive the people to a fitter self. This even prepares one mentally and makes one more confident. The fact that all of this is accompanied by five star accommodations just makes these camps all the more a reason to attend.  Many in urban UK have found a fitter self even after crossing mid 30s with the help of these camps. If you feel you need professional help to get fitter, this is the best way.

About the author

Anne Whitefield was having quite some trouble with her fitness as she is a writer n has a sedentary lifestyle. The trips to beaches had become nightmares for her. The boot camp testimonials include her accepting a loss of 14 pounds and three inches off her waist in four weeks.

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