US Brand Name: Focalin
Generic Name: dexmethylphenidate hydrochloride
FDA Approved Use(s): Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
Dosage: 2.5-20 mg a day, divided into two doses.
Days to Reach a Steady State:When you’re fully saturated with the medication and less prone to peaks and valleys of effects. You still might have peaks of effect after taking many meds, but with a lot of the meds you’ll have fewer valleys after this point. In theory anyway.
Результат пошуку зображень за запитом "Focalin"Half-Life & Average Time to Clear Out of Your System:
If you’ve worked your way up to a particular dosage, it’s usually best to spend this many days at the next lowest dosage before going down the next lowest dosage before that and so forth. This is the least sucky way to avoid problems when stopping any psychiatric medication. Presuming you have the option of slowly tapering off them.

Comments: Until I write something up, you’ll just have to wait.  This attempt to extended Ritalin to something you didn’t have to take as often and with fewer peaks and valleys was such a bust that nobody has any info on it!  It does state in the PI sheet to not use it for depression or narcolepsy.


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