Officials and health professionals are trying to keep everyone calm when it comes to the bird flu. Widespread panic is the last thing any country needs to effectively eliminate a virus such as the bird flu. But in doing so, people have come to think that the bird flu is of no danger to them and they do not have to worry about becoming infected themselves or even spreading the virus to other humans. The truth of the matter is that there are dangers to the bird flu and it could potentially cause a widespread epidemic among humans across the globe as well as numerous other species of mammals.

Here are four reasons why you should consider the bird flu a dangerous virus and why you should attempt to protect yourself against the virus now, before it is too late.Пов’язане зображення

Reason One

The influenza virus mutates easily. This fact presents several problems that could potentially lead to an outbreak of the bird flu among humans. For one thing, it makes it difficult for scientists to come up with a cure for the virus if it is constantly changing.

Also a mutation in the virus, which can occur at any time, could make it easier for it to spread between humans or other mammals. So far, humans have only contracted the virus from birds, making it difficult for the virus to spread between humans. But if the virus mutates humans may be able to easily infect one another.

It has also been shown that cats can not only contract the virus, but can also spread it to other cats. This shows that a mutation is likely to occur and also that other mammals may become carriers in the future

Reason Two

The outbreak of influenza in 1918 was fatal among healthy citizens. This is not a virus that is only fatal among the very young, very old, or very sick. Everyone is at risk of becoming infected and potentially dying from this virus. History has shown that this virus has the ability to spread like wild fire and mutate which can deter prevention efforts.

Reason Three

The mortality rate for bird flu is high. Currently scientists have estimated that the bird flu has a 70% mortality rate among humans. That means that if it mutates and becomes easier for humans to spread the disease to other humans we may see hundreds of thousands of deaths world wide. The good is that those who survive will likely develop antibodies that can be used to create a vaccine for bird flu.

Reason Four

Symptoms of the disease may not show in humans for eight to eleven days. This means that if and when the virus mutates anyone who travels during that period before they become sick will transmit the disease to everyone they come in contact with. This will make it easy for the disease to become a world wide epidemic.

As of right now all of these reasons why you should fear the bird flu revolve around the idea that the H5N1 strain will mutate making it easier for humans to infect other humans. So far, this has not happened and in the meantime health officials are working to eliminate the virus in birds and are working on a vaccine to treat the bird flu.

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