Question: My daughter is 25 years of age. Her front tooth got partially broken when she slipped and fell down on her face. Because of partially broken tooth her appearance has changed. Please guide me as to how it can be corrected so that her face gets the earlier look. How many sittings will be required? what will the dentist do in each sitting? what can be the approximate cost of the treatment?

Answer (by Dr. Chirag Semlani): Your need to consult dentist for that and go ahead with an X-ray for the complained tooth. Sometimes with such accidents there are chances of nerve damage of the tooth. If the nerve is damaged it is advisable to go for Root canal Treatment followed by a tooth Coloured cap over it. If the nerve is not damaged you can go ahead with tooth Coloured filling where the broken portion is replaced by composite filling. Картинки по запросу Front tooth partially brokenThe composite filling generally get discoloured with time. There  is more permanent treatment for this, you can also get a laminate done where the superficial layer of tooth is grinded and a ceramic thin laminate is cemented on the tooth which will look more natural and more durable. Cost of the treatment varies, depends on the quality and the area. I

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