Gastric Ulcer is an erosion in the superficial lining of stomach. Gastric ulcer may be referred as erosion or rupture in the superficial lining of digestive tract. Digestive tract consists of esophagus, stomach, duodenum and intestines. Картинки по запросу Gastric UlcerGastric ulcer also referred as Peptic ulcer. Most of the time ulcer located in duodenum (first part of small intestine) and it is called as duodenal ulcer. If ulcer located in the stomach is called Gastric ulcer. If it is in the esophagus is called as esophageal ulcer.

What causes Gastric Ulcer?
Most of the time gastric ulcer develops due to excessive use of NSAIDS drugs. These drugs includes Aspirin, Ibobrofine and Naproxine. The use of these drugs is practiced in the old ages for pain relief. That’s why people in the age of 55 to 70′s suffer in gastric ulcer.  Besides, NSAIDS  use of Alcohol, smoking and oily and spicy food may cause gastric ulcer. Gastric ulcer may be developed by the presence of a bacterium known as H.Pylori. This bacterium reduces the resistance in the stomach lining and increases the gastric juices. In this erosion or rupture in the upper lining of the stomach develops which causes ulcer.
What are the symptoms of Gastric Ulcer?         
Symptoms includes sever heartburn , nausea, pain in stomach, loss of appetite and weight loss. In some patients pain in stomach before and after meal may be reported.
Self-care tips:
Gastric ulcer may be cured by making certain lifestyle changes. Those who use alcohol drinks can be cured by giving up this habit. Similarly by quitting smoking tobacco and the use of oily and spicy food provide you cure from ulcer. Make the habit of exercise on daily basis. Avoid the complications and conflict of daily life. Lead stress free life .

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