General medical examination conducted during antenatal visit (i.e., visit to your doctor during pregnancy) to your doctor may include the following: Height and weight.
Urine test for the presence of albumin (protein) and sugar is done.
Your blood pressure measurement. Your teeth and gum are examined to rule out any signs of infections.
Any enlargement of neck glands, e.g.,Картинки по запросу Investigations required during antenatal period
Thyroid and lymph nodes, is noted.
Heart and lungs are examined by auscultation.
Legs are examined for any swelling
Your abdomen will be examined to see the size of uterus, if palpable.

If after all these examinations, the doctor finds everything normal, then she will let you know and you can follow her advice sincerely, regarding intake of medicines, regular visit to her clinic for check-up and necessary investigations needed from time to time. You may be immunized by giving two injections of Tetanus toxoid at an interval of one month.

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