Even if you have just one grandparent with heart disease history, doctors consider this as “family history”. It would be in everyone’s best interest to explore their own family’s health problems. If anyone has heart disease history, the entire family should be made aware of their growing risk in terms of developing this condition themselves. By conducting a full investigation into the history of heart disease in a family, a person may consult their physician with all the information he possesses to assess the chances of one contracting heart disease themselves. A qualified physician will provide information and suggestions of measures to take to reduce the chances of contracting heart disease. This will include dietary and exercise suggestions.

The actual reasons for heart disease being part of a family’s genetic history are not known but the reasons generally given for this predicament is that there may be some kind of defect or a lifestyle habit that is inherited. There are many illnesses that are hereditary but many lifestyle choices are also inherited as people hand down their behavior by processes of enculturation. Take the case of a person whose parents have developed heart disease. They may have lived a very sedentary lifestyle coupled together with extremely bad eating habits. In situations like these, that person is more likely to repeat the mistakes of their parents if they do not know better and obtain some knowledge on the subject.Картинки по запросу heart disease genetic

The Hereditary Nature Of Heart Disease. Although a heart disease history significantly increases the risks of developing it, there are some tried and tested ways to lower overall risk factors. It is unavoidable if there is a family history of heart disease. Many people throughout the world may not have close contact with all or even some of the members of their extended family. They may not realize they could be at risk. To this end everyone should be attentive to any risks of heart disease to themselves and endeavor to do their best to prevent any occurrence of it.

There are ways to lower the risks even if you should have a family heart disease history. The best being the promotion of healthy lifestyle choices. Obesity is a serious problem. Other important factors are diet, exercise, stress, high blood pressure, cholesterol, nicotine and alcohol consumption. Cigarette and the smoking of tobacco products should be avoided at all costs. In addition, excessive alcohol consumption should be avoided. Maintain a healthy weight and take regular exercise – preferably daily.

Various other factors in combination with physical inactivity can significantly increase the chances of incurring heart disease. High blood pressure, LDL cholesterol, triglycerides and low HDL cholesterol can all negatively impact on the body and contribute extensively to the risk of heart disease. Stress must also be mentioned as it is a major contributing factor. People need to be advised to educate themselves in relaxation techniques. Although a family heart disease history is a significant disadvantage to contracting the illness in the future, several lifestyle choices can be made to reduce the risk factors and the chances of contracting this potentially life-threatening illness.

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