As ladies, we tend to focus on toning our bottoms, stomach, and legs, but sometimes we forget to pay special attention to our arms! They need love too! If you’ve ever felt insecure about your arms, or suffer with the dreaded “bat wings” we know exactly how you feel. That is why we have 3 perfect moves to help you combat any excess fat in your arms while strengthen and toning all of your muscles.

The first move is Pilates boxing. To begin, stand with your feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent, and maintain natural posture position. With hands in a fist, bring them to your shoulders with elbows up and box your right hand forwards. Bring your right hand back to starting position and continue with the left. Ensure that you clench your abs with each hit and continue boxing for 25 reps.

Next we have the triceps swings. This move will really help conquer “bat wings” and ensure you really feel the burn. Lie onto a mat with your feet pliantly firmly on the floor and knees bent. Using dumbbells, keep your arms straight and begin to lift your right arm over your chest while the left arm remains above your head a few inches off the ground. Come back to starting position and repeat for 20 reps.

Last, we have the Arm and Leg Lift. Get onto all fours on your mat, and bring your left arm straight forward and straighten your right leg. Hold for 10 seconds and come back into original position. Repeat on other side and continue for 15 reps.

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