Did you know that what you eat could have an impact on your dental health? We all want to have white, healthy teeth and most of us will do whatever it takes to achieve good dental health. What would you say if you found out that the food you eat could impact your dental health? Most will say they are not surprised to learn that a poor diet of junk food and sweets will have a negative impact on dental health. Eating a healthy, nutritious diet can actually have a positive impact on your dental health, surprised?

Результат пошуку зображень за запитом "Nutrition And Your Dental Health"You can prevent cavities by eating a nutritious diet. A surprising fact is that the food you eat between meals stays on your teeth longer than the food you eat at meals because when you snack you typically do not brush or floss and most of us brush and floss or at least brush after meals. We also tend to drink milk or water at meals and sugary drinks after snacks or food alone during snack time. Liquids tend to wash away loose food in our mouth.

Did you know that certain foods actually increase the saliva in your mouth? Saliva in your mouth is a good thing because saliva tends to wash away food particles. When you remove food particles, you also remove simple sugars and acid from your teeth too.

If you tend to drink periodic drinks throughout the day like coffee with sugar, or sugary drinks like sodas, juice, or other beverages the sugar content in these drinks can stay on your teeth until the next time your brush your teeth.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture along with the Department of Health and Human Services recommend the following foods for good dental health: whole grains on a daily basis, vegetables especially those that are orange or dark green in color, a variety of different colored fruits, fish, beans, nuts and seeds.

Keeping your body healthy be eating nutritious foods and staying away from sugary beverages gives your body the nutrition it needs to grow strong teeth, repair cells, and keep the blood supply going to the mouth that healthy teeth need.

When you are unable to brush or floss after meals or snacks the next best thing is to chew sugarless gum or rinse your mouth with clean water.

Healthy food and teeth are very interconnected when you think closely about the relationship between healthy teeth and healthy food. Putting healthy food into your body gives your body the nutrition required to grow healthy teeth and you use your teeth to tear, and chew nutritious food.

Do your body and your teeth a favor and follow good nutrition guidelines for good dental health.

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