Whether you’re stuffing it in your mouth or smothering it on your skin, Avocados are simply amazing. From health to beauty, when it comes to anti aging super foods, Avocados top the list.

But before we check out some great kitchen concoctions, let’s have a look at what you can get out of avocados and then what you can make out of them.

Benefits of Avocado:

  • It’s Good For The Heart
  • Lowers Cholesterol Levels
  • Helps Control Blood Pressure
  • Helps Absorption of Nutrients
  • Regulates Sugar Levels
  • It’s Good For Your Eyes
  • Anti Inflammatory Properties
  • Anti Aging Properties
  • Reduces The Risk Of Stroke
  • Prevents The Possibility of Cancer (oral cancer and breast cancer)
  • Prevents Birth Defects
  • Great For Skin Care
  • Great For Hair Care

Amazing Avocado Recipes:

Avocado Face Mask  – This avocado face mask is perfect for pampering your skin.  Boasting of healthy, natural (chemical free!!!) oils, your skin will be radiantly revitalized, the 101% safe way. This mask not only will cleanse your face, but it will also moisturize and hydrate it at the same time, preventing dry skin, which pretty much means preventing wrinkles and fine lines (which aren’t very fine at all).

Avocado Skin Softener – For something somewhat simpler than the one mentioned above, this avocado skin softener is like a mask of sots, but only requires 2 ingredients. Sure, it won’t be as pasty as the first one but it will still get the job done. For a quick softening fix, this is definitely one to try.

Avocado Hair Mask–  Since your hair is your crowning glory, you should definitely make it shine. One of the best ways to do so is with this great Avocado Hair Mask, because shampoo and conditioner just isn’t enough.  More than just strengthening and softening your strands, this hair mask will also help repair any damage that may be there  (split ends and the like). Plus, what I really love about this recipe is simple yet definitely effective.

Avocado Soap–  Okay, unlike the previous recipes, this one isn’t all that simple. But if you have the knack, and the time for it, why not create you very own avocado soap?  Showering with these homemade suds will definitely leave your skin soft and creamy like. See? Even if it isn’t on a plate, can I say YUM?

Homemade Avocado Recipes

Aside from these great products, always remember ladies that beauty begins from within- through your mouth. So here are some great healthy recipes that are great for adding avocado to your diet.

Avocado Smoothie– There is no denying that green smoothies are great. These health drinks are all the hype today, and for good reason. And Avocado’s are definitely ideal, not only health wise, but taste wise too.  This go green recipe is definitely one of my faves, and I’m pretty sure that it will be one of yours too.

  • Speaking of green smoothies, do check out this great infographic on creating your very own concoctions!

Avocado Salad–  Great as a drink, great as a dish too. This Avocado salad is simply divine.  And is really simple too! Unlike the “conventional” kind, this one has no leaves whatsoever.  Avocado, corn, peas, and croutons if you like.  I especially love the dressing in this recipe as well. Mouth water goodness that is actually really good for you.

Guacamole–  When it comes to Avocado recipes, this mush is a must. Any compilation just wouldn’t be complete without one for GUAC.   Check out this recipe that I found and simply fell in love with.

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