In addition to protein, choosing the right type of healthy carbohydrates consumed at the right time is also crucial in the formation of muscle mass while keeping body fat at low levels. To apply, know the types of foods including fast and slow carbohydrate absorption, and when the right time to eat them.

Choose the Natural Resources

In order to have a constant and stable Energy, a slow carbohydrate absorption type is always recommended. Those healthy carbohydrates that have the slow absorption are the natural foods or minimal processing foods. Vegetables, nuts, and grains are included of slow absorption of carbohydrate sources which are really good for your body. These natural sources of carbohydrates are digested slower into glucose so the body’s energy is more stable and constant.

Select the Slow Absorption for Cutting

When you eat carbohydrates, the body responds by releasing the hormone insulin. Insulin helps you to supply energy source during exercise with glucose and even to arrange a transfer into muscle proteins. The problem, fitness mania for hard cutting or difficult to lean muscle will have an increased level of insulin plus excessive caloric intake which can cause the body to store fat. The solution, select a slow carbohydrate absorption so insulin is released little by little so that the fat can be controlled.

Select the Quick Soak for bulking

Why is that? When bulking, it takes a lot of carbohydrate intake (of course, as well as protein and healthy fats) to maintain body condition remains anabolic. Body condition which is always anabolic will facilitate weight gain. Rapid absorption of carbohydrate foods such as white bread, white rice, fruit juice, and whey protein shakes can help the body more quickly distribute carbohydrates (glucose) in the bloodstream.

Select Medium and Slow Absorption Before Exercise

During exercise, the body will be craving carbs. Muscles will rely heavily on carbohydrate stores in muscles which called glycogen. You need a quick energy that can be immediately used for exercise and also need to guard against the energy runs out.

Therefore, the combination of carbohydrate intake in a moderate level of absorption and in a slow absorption before exercise is highly recommended. Examples of carbohydrate which has a slow absorption that is being suggested are bananas, steamed potatoes, and various types of fruits. But avoid rapid absorption of carbohydrates before exercise because it is easy and completely burned out faster so it makes you limp prematurely.

Select Multiple Types of Carbohydrate after Exercise

The foods after exercise must contain many different types of healthy carbohydrates (in addition to rapid protein absorption) because insulin helps expenses when the conditions are still very sensitive muscles after exercise. The rise in insulin will help you to change the condition of the body into an anabolic catabolic muscle mass so it does not burn. Servings of carbohydrates in the diet are recommended after exercise is 2-3 bigger than the portion of the protein.

Select Slow Absorption to Tap Appetite

Some people who obsessed to form a fat-free muscle mass decide to avoid the consumption of carbohydrates. Though, the kind of slow absorption of carbohydrate consumption is actually able to suppress appetite.

Slow absorption of carbohydrates and rich in fiber is digested slowly so it can make you full longer with low calories. It is very suitable for the formation of a diet of lean muscle mass.

Other nutrients to Regulate Carbohydrate Absorption

Intake of other nutrients such as fiber, fat, and protein affect the absorption of carbohydrates (glucose) in the bloodstream. For example, fibers that are found mainly in vegetables, fruits, nuts, oatmeal, etc., were able to slow the absorption of carbohydrates (glucose) into the blood.

An everyday example, eating a bowl of white rice with broccoli vegetables will slow the absorption of white rice. Dietary fat is also able to slow down the absorption of carbohydrates. For example, the consumption of chicken meat or eggs with whole foods rich in carbohydrates will reduce the speed of carbohydrates absorption. If you want lean muscle mass more, it will be better to mix healthy carbohydrates with fat-free protein sources such as white egg and boiled fish.

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