Practicing yoga does not necessarily mean turning in to a human pretzel.  Now, not being “flexible” enough is no longer an excuse.  There is a little thing called MUDRA, aka hand yoga.  These simple poses give you power right at your finger tips, quite literally.

Hand Yoga: Experience Power Right At Your Fingertips

Interested?  Much more than just finding inner peace (but who wouldn’t want that to begin with anyway?), read on and check out these great poses that offer health and, yes, even beauty benefits too.

For Liver And Digestion

  • First of all, use your fingers to form a fist.
  • Unlike an ordinary fist, you want to rest your thumb on your ring finger.

This pose is believed to stir up the stomach and the liver’s energy, improving digestion.

For The Heart

  • Get your forefinger and fold it down so that the tip rests on the mound of your thumb.
  • Get the tips of both your middle and ring finger and place on the tip of your thumb.  So it seems like they are overlapping your forefinger.
  • Leave your pinky stretched out comfortably.

This pose is believed to normalize blood pressure, strengthen the heart, and may even be used as emergency first aid for a heart attack long as administered within the first 2 seconds.

To Enhance Beauty

  • Get your thumb and rest it on your pinky (little finger).
  • Leave the other three fingers up straight, comfortably, of course.

This pose is believed to enhance your overall beauty, it moisturizes your skin, gets rid of toxins and other unwanted impurities from your blood, and is even great for cramps.

 For Glowing Skin

  • Get your ring finger and let it’s tip touch the tip of your thumb.
  • Leave the other three fingers up straight, comfortably, of course.

This pose is believed to give you glowing skin, it increases your overall energy, it even strengthens your body as well as your mind.

 To Treat Dry Skin

  • Get your little finger and let it’s tip touch that of your thumb.
  • Just as the former two poses, leave the other three fingers up straight, comfortably, of course.

This pose is believed to treat dry skin by restoring moisture to your body- so it is also great for diarrhea and dehydration.  It is also used to relax muscles and treat cramps.

Now that you know the poses, you should know how to use them right.

First of all, you want to find a good location- think calm, quiet, peaceful.  This could be anywhere from your backyard to your bedroom.  Heck, even your office may suffice as long as you can concentrate and ironically not concentrate at the same time.  Basically just let go, so to speak.

Next you want to sit-be it on the floor, on a rug, even on your couch.  It doesn’t really matter where you sit, what matters is that you are comfortable.  So find your spot.

Once you have it, close your eyes and control your breathing.  If your mind seems to wandering- thinking of work, or chores, or even the kids (if you have any), reciting a mantra always helps.  It can be anything that helps you get inner peace- from saying it directly “I am calm, I am in peace” or “my boss does not exist”.

Get your hands in the right pose and hold for about 15 minutes.

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