It seems there is a retreat for just about anything these days….did you see that movie “couples retreat” from a few years back. The movie was a comedy where the various couples try to rekindle their marriages in an idyllic location (Bora Bora)…critics thought it was pretty lame despite it doing well at the box office…maybe they should run a retreat for bad movie makers !

All jokes aside, you can go on a retreat to lose weight, give up smoking or some other addiction, learn a skill…you name it. I quite like the idea of going on a cooking camp to learn Thai cooking…I guess that’s a retreat of sorts. Or maybe you are into fitness, then how about a kickboxing retreat ? You can even go on an anti-aging retreat these days. But what exactly is an anti-aging retreat ? A better question to start with is what is anti-aging or the anti-aging lifestyle.

What is Anti Aging ?

Living an anti-aging lifestyle is not as difficult as you might expect, and sure, some people will take it to extremes, but within reason, it’s about having a balanced lifestyle.

This means eating healthy foods and having a healthy diet. To this extent, an anti-aging diet focuses on eating fresh foods and is more slanted towards vegetarianism. It may also be called a Paleolithic diet from time to time as it focuses on foods and ingredients that Paleolithic man (and woman) supposedly ate.

I doubt this somehow as the average life expectancy of man in that time wouldn’t have been much over 30. I know, saber tooth tigers, wooly mammoths, the absence of dental floss, and other environmental conditions may have influenced that number somewhat but the term Paleolithic diet is probably an appealing rather than accurate name for an anti-aging diet.

So typical anti-aging foods include fresh vegetables and fruits because they are high in anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory substances. Nuts and seeds are also good…as are whole grains and fresh herbs and spices.

Anti-aging also involves making time for regular exercise too. This could be quite active exercise like dancing or aerobics or more calming like Yoga. Exercise is a sort of regular detox as it lets you sweat toxins out of the body. It also gets blood circulating throughout the body which means that nutrients in the blood get to all part of the body.

Taking time out to alleviate stress is another factor in anti-aging, as is avoiding or limiting exposure to stressful environments. A person that is chronically stressed has all sorts of hormones running through the body.

Hormones like adrenalin and cortisol course through the body which is good in short burst but damaging in long, sustained periods. These hormones inevitably unbalance the body’s immune system making it difficult for the body to fight illness or turn on good bacteria and the body itself  (autoimmunity).

Meditation is a good way to deal with stress, as is good old relaxing. Pampering yourself with a massage and a facial is an enjoyable way to de-stress. And can do wonders for the fine lines and wrinkles that start to appear on your face with increasing regularity.

What To Expect At A Retreat

Anti-Aging Retreat - go to an exotic location

So an anti-aging retreat aims to combine these ideas into a get away for the mind, body and spirit. Retreats can often be found in exotic locations so going there turns into a vacation too.

Most retreats will last a week or even a fortnight in some cases. During that time you will lead an anti-aging lifestyle. That means you will eat right and possibly do a yoga, aerobics or Pilates class each day. Many of these classes are optional and if you find then too strenuous then a walk may be a better option.

The rest of the day could be devoted to a class or seminar on some aspect of anti-aging lifestyle. For instance, how to prepare anti-aging meals without sacrificing on taste or variety. Or how to achieve a  work/life balance so that stress doesn’t overwhelm you.

Other seminar may be more direct such as advancements in body sculpting or the science behind anti-aging skin care.

After a seminar or two, you might have a massage and pamper yourself. Then a bit more relaxing. In most cases, you can customize your retreat experience to be sure you get as much out of the experience  as you want.

As you can see, a retreat is a way to take time out for you. It can also give you the knowledge and experience to integrate an anti-aging routine into your own lifestyle when you go back to the “real world”.

Spoil yourself and go on a retreat once a year or for a special occasion.

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