This question is with regard to my 16 years old daughter. I am her mother. Her menstrual cycle often varies. Sometimes, it is very light and sometimes it is very heavy. Moreover, she also has back pain during her periods. Is it a normal phenomenon? Is it due to her age? Just to inform you that she is getting her periods for last about 3-4 years. Answer (by Dr. Neelam Dhamija): There are many reasons for heavy bleeding. But hormonal disturbance is the commonest of all. Your daughter is very young and her problem may get corrected on her own. Normally, a medicine which contains tranexamic acid is prescribed for heavy bleeding. However, it is always advisable to consult your doctor and take the medicines accordingly. If her problem is not solved by the medicines, please get her blood test done for thyroid hormones, and a blood test to know about her haemoglobin level in her blood. Картинки по запросу  postpone my menstrual periods The name of the blood tests are serum TSH, complete blood count. Please get one ultrasound done of her pelvic region, this ultrasound will help the doctor in finding out, any problem in the uterus  or in the ovaries. If she is over weight, she can try to reduce her body weight by fast walking and by few exercises. Back pain during period is a common thing, Please do not worry about it, she may use pain killers during her periods when ever she feels the need(when ever she has back ache). Give her Iron capsules daily after her food. Please let us know the reports of the blood test, if any of the report is abnormal it can be corrected by suitable medicines.

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