Hawthorne berry is an herb that comes from the hawthorn shrub, which can grow up to 40 feet in height. The berries are usually bright red in coloration. They have been used medicinally since the time of the ancient Greeks for such things as insomnia and nervousness.Hawthorne berry today is most associated with its widespread use as a tonic for the heart. Specifically, it protects arterial walls, has the ability to dilate (enlarge) coronary blood vessels (the vessels supplying the heart with vital oxygen, blood, and nutrients), and strengthen the heart’s pumping ability. Because of these powerful cardiac benefits, it is now one of the most prescribed heart remedies in Europe.

Hawthorne Berry – A Potent Nutrient For Optimal Heart Health. People who suffer from angina would most likely benefit by hawthorne berry’s ability to increase blood flow through the arteries. Additionally, for the same reason, those afflicted with hypertension (high blood pressure) may alleviate their condition since narrowed arteries require the heart to work more strenuously in getting blood through them.Картинки по запросу Hawthorn Berry

People who suffer from tachycardia (rapid heart beating) and cardiac arrhythmia (irregular heart beating) may also find relief. It also has antioxidant properities which may help offset arterial damage from plaque formation and accumulation. In short, hawthorne berry is seen by some as an all-purpose heart medicine.

Potential side effects are rare, and usually superficial in nature. For some, these include nausea, sweating, and fatigue. In addition, those individuals who are not afflicted with any heart condition may experience a significant drop in blood pressure if very large doses of hawthorne berry are consumed. Other than these considerations, it is generally seen as a safe herbal remedy.Картинки по запросу Hawthorn Berry

The evidence for hawthorne berry’s efficacy is significant, especially given its lengthy history of use. Many studies have shown that this herb performs admirably as a medicine for heart health. However, those already on some sort of prescribed heart drug should take special precaution to avoid possible drug interaction, though none are known at the present time.

Dosage can range from 25 mg up to 300 mg per tablet or capsule. Those people who fall into the risk group for heart disease may wish to take at least 100 mg of hawthorne berry daily. For others, 25 mg would normally suffice, assuming standardized extract is being used.

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