This vitamin offers many health benefits if you can meet the body’s need for vitamin A each day. The health benefits of vitamin A that you can get include:

Prevent Cancer

It is a powerful antioxidant to prevent cancer. Vitamin A works by helping reproduce normally. This process is known as differentiation. Well, the cells that cannot reproduce normally can turn into pre – cancerous.

Keep your Vision

It is uncommon knowledge when Vitamin A is a vitamin that is most sought after when connected to the vision health. Vitamin A maintains eye health by protecting the retina from light transferred into signs of nerves in the retina.

Help Growth

Vitamin A is necessary for your body growth and development of the embryo and fetus. It also influences genes that determine the development a series of organs in embryonic development.

Improve Fertility

Vitamin A is essential for the human reproductive system. It also plays an important role in the regulation and synthesis of the sex hormones progesterone. Shortages or vitamin A deficiency will impair fertility and may eventually lead to infertility.

In men, vitamin A deficiency can decrease the production of sex hormones and can also cause impotence. While in women, vitamin A deficiency can cause many problems or menstrual disorders, such as menstrual blood is too much, arising cramps or painful menstruation, and irregular menstruation. It is also important for women because vitamin A helps to maintain the health of the epithelial tissues in the body including the epithelial tissue in the wall of the vagina and uterus.

Make sure your body gets enough vitamin A each day. Foods such as carrots, broccoli, papaya, mango and others are the examples of foods that contain lots of Vitamin A. If you cannot get the health benefits of vitamin A from food, vitamin A supplementation can be a healthy alternative for you.

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