What is the very first thing that will generally pop into each of our heads when one of our precious children comes down with a high fever from being sick, or they have unexpectedly become injured while playing with their friends on the neighborhood jungle gym? When one of our children happens to come down with some type of sickness or an injury that we simply are not able to take care of ourselves the first thought that normally comes to us is to take our child to a family health care physician. For the individual who do not already have a regular family doctor that you can go to, you then have to face the frustrations of having to find a doctors office that will accept the specific type of health care insurance coverage that you have. As there are more and more physicians who are continuously removing themselves from their enrollment with various insurance companies, this is a task that is becoming harder and harder to achieve. This is a fact that is especially true for the large number of individuals who are covered under various Medicare plans.

It is true that if a public universal type of insurance coverage were to be enacted there would be some individuals and families that would be able to benefit from the many advantages that this type of coverage would offer to them. However, it is an action that would also cause a much higher demand from numerous other individuals and families for the need of the aid given by various government programs. This action would more than likely result in nothing but a standstill as there are already a long line of physicians who are already turning these types of programs down right and left without putting a universal program into action. Most of the physicians who do accept these programs are unbelievably overloaded with patients. If even more programs were started, just imagine what type of position it would put these doctors in. The need for coverage is certainly a huge problem, but to effectively find a way to cover the uninsured would take an endless amount of time, planning, and effort.

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