You may not realize the effect that your environment (the work space around you, your desk, etc) have on you. Here are some tips to brighten and cheer up your work space.float-wall-desk

  • Let there be light. Is your work area sufficiently lighted? Can you see everything clearly? Are there any shadows? Are there any glares? Insufficient lighting can cause eye strain and headaches, so be sure that you have proper desk lamps if there is not enough overhead or natural lighting.
  • Do you have space? Too cramped of an area can cause a feeling of being “constrained” and bound up. Too much space can make a person feel “alone” and insignificant. Try setting up your work area so that you minimize clutter, have room to move around, and are comfortable.
  • Is there too much “grayness”? Brighten up your work space with desk lamps. Cheer up your space with a small potted plant or fresh flowers. Put up photos or pictures to add some color to your work area. By making the space yours, you’ll eliminate grayness, increase your productivity, and feel happier at work overall.

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