Teaching your toddler to eat well is not always as easy as it may seem. There are so many snacks and products at the grocery store that are especially marketed for your little one. Some are healthy and some are not. As a parent, you ultimately have to make the decision about what your child eats. So, how to you find healthy snacks that your toddler will love? Here are some great suggestions that will help you make better choices for your toddler at snack time.

Результат пошуку зображень за запитом "Toddlers eating"Before you buy any snack for your toddler, you need to learn how to read the labels. One of the first things you will want to consider is snack itself and whether or not your toddler will eat the food. Of course there are great snacks out there but will they eat it? After that, you need to look at the nutritional information. Sugar is a main concern when it comes to snacking. Look at the label and see how many sugar grams are in the snack per serving. See how it compares to other snacks and you may decide you want to limit the sugar your child eats in a day.

Crackers, lunch meat and cheese: Your toddler probably loves snacks such as Lunchables. However, they are load with fat and sodium. How about making your own for your toddler to snack on? You can buy low fat crackers and cheese at the store and add in some lean turkey or ham. Cut the cheese and meat into bite sized pieces and you have a great, healthy snack that any kid will love.

Frozen yogurt: You have probably seen the little containers of yogurt at the store. They are in individual sizes. If you push a Popsicle stick down inside the top of the yogurt lid and freeze, you will have a great snack. Look for your toddler’s favorite flavor and you can be sure that your toddler will enjoy these.

Mini pizzas: Your toddler probably loves pizza. How about making mini pizzas for snack? You can put your toddler’s favorite pizza toppings on mini bagels or take hot dog bun and cut in into thirds. Put in your toaster oven and serve it to your toddler for a quick and healthy snack.

Mini muffins: Toddlers love anything that is small and bite-sized. There are many great recipes for muffins that are full of flavor and healthy, too. Look for recipes that are low in sugar (or add honey in place of the sugar) and bake. You can also sneak in some tasty fruits or vegetables (such as shredded carrots or zucchini). Get mini muffin pans when you bake.

Apple dips: Cut an apple into bit size pieces and let your child dip then in peanut butter or yogurt. This makes a wonderful snack-and it is healthy, too. Try a variety of apples for a fun and interesting snack.

All of these snacks are great for toddlers and will help them learn about healthy eating habits.

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