Two very serious ailments are without a doubt heart disease and stroke. Both of these maladies are common afflictions affecting populations throughout the world. While there is no definite way of protecting yourself against the incidence of heart disease and stroke, there are some measures that can be taken to try to minimize them from occurring. These measures will be discussed here.

What Causes Heart Disease And Stroke. Increase in age holds one of the greatest risk factors for heart disease and stroke. To avoid them is virtually impossible. As we become older, the risk of suffering from heart disease and stroke increases and continues to rise with age. Gender plays an important part in this risk factor. Men have a greater chance of suffering a heart attack than women.Картинки по запросу heart disease

Genetic history plays a role here. Both women and men will be more liable to develop illnesses such as heart disease and stroke if it is something that runs in their family. Race factors into this equation and black women happen to be at much greater risk for heart disease and stroke than white women. When compared to white women, both African-American women and men are much more prone to suffer the effects of or die of heart disease and stroke than Caucasian men and women.

Measures To Take. With heart disease and stroke risk factors, like family history and age, cannot be reversed or modified but there are some risk factors that can. Smoking of cigarettes and tobaco products, for example are a major risk factor for the contraction of heart disease and stroke. Fortunately smoking is preventable. If you are not a smoker, then it is not a good idea to start smoking. If you do, you should seek treatment and give up the habit as soon as possible.

High levels of blood cholesterol are another contributing risk factor for heart disease and stroke and this can also be treated or controlled. The best way to ensure this is by living a healthy lifestyle, embrace the concept of eating nutritious diets and of course adhere to a regular exercise routine.

Symptoms of high blood pressure also contribute in a large way as a risk factor for heart disease and stroke. High blood pressure is actually the most vital risk factor to note when it comes to stroke. The simplest and best way to reduce blood pressure is to completely eliminate sodium (salt) from the diet and stop drinking alcohol. In many people, alcohol can cause the blood pressure to increase quite dramatically.

If all of the earlier mentioned facts are taken into consideration and are adhered to, you will be in a position to greatly improve your protection against the debilitating and often lethal effects of both heart disease and stroke.

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