Heart disease statistics today are not something that is going to help set anyone’s mind at ease as they indicate that millions of Americans are suffering from some form of the disease. It is estimated that about twenty-five million are or have been affected in some way or other by some kind of heart disease. These alarming figures should be ringing alarm bells as they shockingly translate into approximately 11.5% of all American adults.

Seek Early Diagnosis And Treatment. Heart disease is an illness that is not easily detected and treated. But there is positive news that sufferers of heart failure or other cardiovascular problems can still enjoy life and live longer. This is of course provided that they receive the right treatment and are seriously committed to living a healthy lifestyle.

If you have an interest in heart disease statistics a good source is the Center for Disease Control (CDC). The Center for Disease Control has established that heart disease is the primary reason for premature death in adults in the USA. In accordance with published CDC heart disease statistics, the figures include all types of heart diseases and not just coronary artery disease. There are also heart disease statistics available from the National Vital Statistics Report. The National Vital Statistics Report is an organization that has been entrusted with the task of publishing heart disease statistics and according to its records there were an estimated six hundred thousand and more deaths that occurred in the year 2004 alone whose origin was caused by heart failure and thickening of the arteries. The American Heart Association has also released heart disease statistics that reveal that there are an estimated five million Americans living with the threat of heart failure, with as many as five thousand new cases being diagnosed on an annual basis

It is therefore no great surprise that these heart disease statistics show it to be a major factor in heart disease fatalities. Fortunately there is ongoing research on this subject and hopefully one day coronary heart disease and other heart illnesses will be a thing of the past.Картинки по запросу heart disease statistic

It might be a depressing thought, particularly when reading about heart disease statistics of this nature, but things get even worse if you realize that an estimated 66.3% of Americans are overweight and being overweight or obese plays a huge role in aggravating and hastening the development of heart disease. The overweight should seriously consider losing their excess weight so that it does not end up as a risk factor for heart diseases. Consult your physician and choose to change your lifestyle with better eating and exercise habits. Try the best that you can to minimize any risk to your future heart health. It would not be good to end up on the list as another American heart disease statistic.

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