Heart valve failure: Human heart has mainly three types of valve. Inability of heart to beat i.e. to pump the blood is called as heart failure. The failure of heart conduction leads to heart failure. Number of factors causes Heart failure. Heart failure is also called as Congestive heart failure. Both sides of the heart or only side fails to pump blood and leads to heart failure.

Inability of heart to pump blood leads to:-

* Pooling of blood into lungs,
* Pooling of blood in peripheries, such as foot, ankles, in the form of swelling called as Edema.
* Apnea or shortness of breath are observed with heart failure.

Causes of Heart failure:-Картинки по запросу Heart valve failure

* Coronary artery diseases,
* untreated high blood pressure,
* excess accumulation of lipids in the coronary arteries,
* Severe emotional stress, and
* Diabetes,  are the main causes of heart failure.

Symptoms of heart failure:-

* Shortness of breath, dyspnea,Картинки по запросу Heart valve failure
* peripheral edema, like ankle edema,
* Dizziness,
* nausea, vomiting, tiredness, etc..

Treatment of heart failure:-

Treatment of heart failure includes, medications, bed rest, restriction of sodium, and Heart transplantation is also used a treatment.

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