The exercises recommended for patients recovering from herniated disk as a part of their rehabilitation program include the following:

The back extensions: These exercises involve curving the spine backwards; the list of back extensions recommended to patients with herniated disk also includes many yoga asanas. One of the most common back extensions recommended for therapeutic purposes is the cobra pose. In a cobra pose, Cobra poseyou will have to extend your spine using your arms and stretch your body’s front portion. To perform this yoga pose, you will have to position your hands in the same way as you do while doing pushups. Next, press onto the ground arching the upper body; your thighs and hips must however, stay on the ground.

Core strengthening exercise: Exercise categorized under this form is done for making the muscles of our legs and torso stronger. These are the muscles supporting the other parts of our body. The two most common exercises done for core training are: the bridge and the plank poses. For performing the bridge pose, first lie down on the back keeping the knees bent. Your feet must be positioned flat on the ground. Next, pressing the feet against the floor, raise your torso and hips; your shoulders must stay on the ground.

During the plank pose, you will have to first lie down facing the floor. Your hands must be kept in the pushup position. Pressing the floor using your hands, raise your body in a way so that only your toes and hands remain on the ground. When looked upon from the top, the body of a person in this position looks like a plain wooden plank.

Bridge pose Plank pose

Flexibility exercise: This exercise form is recommended to patients with herniated disk for restoring the mobility of their spine. The most effective flexibility Flexibility exerciseexercise for patients with herniated disk is the spinal twist performed in a supine position; while performing this twist, your legs must stay extended and the arms must be positioned on your sides. When your body gets positioned as directed, raise the left leg bending the knee (the calf will be aligned parallel with the ground). Next, leaving the right leg in the extended position, extend the arms out forming a ‘T’. Now, try to bring the left knee on the right leg; continue doing so until the left knee reaches the ground. All through this exercises, the torso must remain on the ground.

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