One in four adult Americans has high blood pressure. That’s a staggering number of people living with a medical condition that often goes undiagnosed. Without high blood pressure treatment, hypertension sufferers may develop heart problems, kidney disease or stroke.That’s the bad news. The good news is that numerous approaches to high blood pressure treatment exist. These approaches help patients to prevent heart problems and other potentially serious consequences of hypertension. This site reviews hypertension medications and other treatment methods. To get additional details and information on which treatments are right for you, use the High Blood Pressure Treatment Options Tool.

Hypertension Treatments
You can combat hypertension in a variety of ways. Here’s a list of the more common approaches:
hypertension medications (anti-hypertensive drugs)
diureticsКартинки по запросу High Blood Pressure Treatment
quitting smoking
regular blood pressure monitoring
stress reduction
dietary changes
weight loss
controlling cholesterol levels
reducing alcohol consumption.

High Risk Groups
African Americans have a greater risk of developing hypertension than Caucasian Americans.
Men are more likely to develop high blood pressure than women, and develop hypertension at an earlier age.
After menopause, women become more susceptible to high blood pressure.

Since experts recommend prevention techniques before resorting to hypertension medications, the site suggests how to make changes to your lifestyle to hopefully avoid heart problems and the other health risks associated with high blood pressure.

Women may suffer from hypertension for reasons other than heredity and lifestyle. This site provides information on how pregnancy, menopause, and other hormonal changes can trigger hypertension in women. The rate of heart problems in women is growing steadily. Learning to control hypertension is important for both men and women.

If you’ve been diagnosed with hypertension, remember this: persistent high blood pressure can only be treated once it’s detected. Knowing that you have high blood pressure is actually good news: now you can take action that can improve your health and quality of life.

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