Platinum Metallicum: This medication is prescribed to bipolar Bipolar Disorderdisorder patients experiencing signs like impaired thinking, indifference, apathy, crying and weeping. The other indicators of use of Platinum Metallicum for treatment of bipolar disorder are twitching eyelids, continuous buzzing noises and headaches.

Agaricus Muscarius: This remedy is only recommended to individuals experiencing several bipolar disorder signs, especially symptoms like confusion, severe depression, lack of interest in work, languor and reading difficulty. Bipolar disorder patients treated with Agaricus Muscarius also have unnatural hunger and twitched eyelids.

Phosphorus: Homeopathic doctors prescribe Phosphorus to individuals with bipolar disorder if they have phlegm during the morning. Patients treated with this remedy often suffer from extreme fear and experience a feeling of uncertainty and insecurity. Phosphorus is also considered for treating the patients who are restless in nature and can be vexed easily.

Crocus Sativus: Bipolar disorder patients suffering from mania are treated with Crocus Sativus. These patients tend to spend a lot of time laughing and singing. The other indicators of use of Crocus Sativus as a remedy for bipolar disorder are sudden swings from mania to depression, hallucinations and delusions.

The medications discussed above are used widely for treating bipolar disorder. You should only use this medication only after consulting an experienced homeopathic practitioner. The consultation is recommended only for making sure that the medication you are taking can effectively treat your condition. Homeopathic medications are not known for causing any drug interaction or side effects. However, still you should report about the medications or supplements you are taking to your homeopathic doctor.

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