Sometimes, the best way to really deep clean your face is by getting it a little dirty. But much more than giving your skin the detox that it needs, clay masks, depending on which kind you apply, can actually address all types of problems that you may have- anything from acne prone skin to dry patches and uneven tone. Hooray for Clay, Make Your Mask Today!

hooray-clayTop Clay Types To Try:

Bentonite Clay

Bentonite clay is called the “healing clay” for a good reason, tons of reasons, actually as it has numerous benefits for your skin.

  • Because it has absorbing properties, this is especially great for oily skin as it can suck up all of the excess sebum.
  • Bentonite clay is also great for treating eczema and psoriasis as it helps fight off bacteria, fungus, and other unwanted impurities.
  • It is great to detox your skin. Bentonite clay, when mixed with water, charges it’s molecules and actually removes toxins straight from your face to the clay.
  • It can also help tighten your pores, too, while unclogging them at the same time.
  • This means that it helps get rid of/prevent black heads.
  • Bentonite clay when mixed with water can also help reduce swelling.

Bentonite Clay Mask Recipes

Basic Bentonite Clay Mask

bentoniteRule of thumb, 1:1.The most simple and basic way to create your very own clay mask it so use equal parts of clay and water, mix until you have a paste like substance. Voila. You have your own bentonite clay mask that you can directly apply all over your face, on blemishes, bug bites or cuts. LEve on for a 10-15 minutes before washing off.

ACV + Bentonite Clay

Two ingredients that we absolutely love. AVC and bentonite clay. Check out how you can make the perfect mask to give you back that youthful glow here.

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