I first became interested in yoga when I met an amazing older woman in her 60’s who radiated youth and had the body of a teenager. I had recently become health- conscious, having shed 10 lbs of post-high school fat put on in my constant pursuit of the better beer and burger.

I had become vegan and stopped drinking milk. But even after shedding the weight, I wanted to make sure I looked (and felt!) as great as my aforementioned yogi role model!

I started reading about yoga in books. I remember my very first yoga book was on Sivananda Yoga. I didn’t dare try the headstand but I started becoming familiar with these postures. I didn’t dare try the headstand, but I started becoming familiar with the various postures.

My advice to beginners in yoga is to focus only on sun salutations first until you can perform them by heart. Once you have memorized them, you can relax more. I have made for you a very useful sun salutations guide in PDF format that you can download and print!

Always remember: When you go against gravity, inhale, and when going down with gravity, exhale.

As I advanced, I learned that a shoulder stand stimulates your thyroid, therefore actually speeding up your metabolism!

It seems to work for me, because I’ve remained 120lbs for the past decade! People often guess I’m 19 rather than nearly 30…

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