Is it really possible to obtain your highest level of possible wellness when you have Parkinson’s disease at every stage of this progressive disease? The answer is that there is always hope and that you, your doctor, and your physical and speech therapist should be a team dedicated to making sure that your functionality is at its highest level at all times by designing a treatment plan that makes this possible. Your treatment plan can have many built in positives from antiparkinson medications that are designed to achieve and also to maintain optimal health to interventions that establish a routine of “normalcy” that includes healthy eating, exercise and restful sleep. Your doctors and therapists should support this positive viewpoint of Parkinson’s disease and assist you in seeking out new research and improved treatments.

Surround yourself with a smorgasbord of medical personnel whom will bring to the table various specialties and opportunities for improving your functioning capabilities including a neurologist, primary physician, physical therapist, speech therapist, mental health therapists, exercise therapists, and nutritionists or registered dieticians. You will also want to surround yourself with local and national support groups such as the National Parkinson Foundation in the United States and local groups that you can find in your area phone books. There are also support forums online that you can utilize to share information and ideas about living with Parkinson’s disease.

Похожее изображениеObtaining the highest level of possible wellness when it comes to Parkinson’s disease requires that you surround yourself with those who are knowledgeable about the disease and those who are on the cutting edge of research including new medications, new therapies, and alternative medicine. Your support group should include medical personnel, spiritual leaders, physical and speech therapist and mental health professionals all of whom are dedicated not only to your ability to achieve the highest level of wellness but to inspire you to enjoy cognitive wellness as well as physical wellness. Your body is not the only area that will be affected by the disease; your emotions and your cognitive skills will also be impacted. Your support groups will need to be able to see the whole you and understand that you need to be functioning on all levels to the best of your potential.

Maintaining the highest level of wellness will require the best medical team, up-to-date support groups, and professional counseling. You are at the center of your wellness so take an active role right from the start. Surround yourself with professionalism that includes compassion and the ability to have hope for your ability to achieve your highest level of possible wellness.

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