Hey, let’s face it. Junk food tastes good. Anyone who says different hasn’t tasted a triple cheese and chip roti from Sunrise Chip and Ranch, Florida Road, Durban.

But what is it that happens in your brain when you bite a burger? What causes the craving? We saunter through the mysteries of brain physiology to divulge the scary truth…

Eating Fast Food is Like Being On Drugs

Giving up on your favourite food addiction is just as difficult as coming off drugs. Researchers at the Scripps Research Institute believe this is because junk food addiction is nearly identical to drug addiction, physiologically speaking.

In experiments it was found that laboratory rats who were given an endless supply of junk food gained lots of weight. The rats who became junk food addicts refused to eat normal food for up to two weeks afterwards.

This phenomenon was explained by the fact that the rats who ate all the junk had diminished pleasure sensors which caused them to crave yet more junk food.

This brain chemistry happens in humans too.

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