Our younger generations have a word for expensive metal jewelry these days. They call it “bling”. Did you know you might be wearing harmful levels of heavy metals in your cardiovascular system, kidney and liver?We’re not talking trace elements of metals like copper, zinc, iron and selenium that are absolutely essential for human health, although these metals would be dangerous in higher levels.

Картинки по запросу “Bling”What is the solution? All humans who take part in society ingest, inhale or are exposed to excess amounts of some “dangerous” heavy metals which accumulate internally from external sources:
-A community’s supply of water (lead pipes)
-Rain breaking down the elements in the soil which permeates the lungs (multiple metals)
-Flame retardants in clothes, bedding and drapery (antimony)
-Cooking pots and foil (aluminum)
-Eating too much tuna (we need a little mercury, but could pick up too much this way)
-Batteries (cadmium, nickel)
-Paint, cement, rubber (chromium)
How about the fillings in our teeth? In recent years it’s been confirmed that “silver” tooth fillings, which are really mercury, can have grave effects on the entire immune system. After being in the mouth for long periods, the metals begin breaking down and releasing into the gums and saliva, then into the bloodstream and traveling throughout the body.

Severe headaches, repetitive infections, digestive problems, changes in heart rhythm and many more ailments are being associated with deterioration of metal dental fillings and other heavy metals.

You can stop eating tuna and have metal fillings replaced with composite resins and porcelain, but that will just solve the mercury problem. To ensure cleansing your organs, blood and entire immune system from accumulated heavy metals, plus unclog your arteries of other unwanted plaque, debris and toxins, a better choice is to periodically “detox” in a process called oral chelation.

You may have heard of intravenous chelation, which can replace some types of invasive surgery for serious heart and circulatory problems.

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